Chapter 1.08 RCW


Statute law committee createdMembership.
Terms of membersFilling vacancies.
Compensation and expenses of members.
Committee meetings.
Employment of code reviser and staff.
Code reviser defined.
Codification and revision of lawsScope of revision.
Code correctionCommittee orders.
Code reviser may omit certain provisions of legislative acts from code; may omit annotations after ten years.
Code index.
Historical records.
Inclusion in code of rules of court.
Improvement of statutes.
Examination of codeHearingsRecommendations to legislature.
Bill drafting service.
Opinions as to validity or constitutionality.
Information service to legislators.
Reviser's office location.
Publication of codeSpecificationsCertificate of compliance.
Publication, sale, and distribution of code and supplementsReprints.
Publication, sale, and distribution of code and supplementsContracts or other arrangements.
Publication, sale, and distribution of code and supplementsStatute law committee publications account createdPurposeDisbursements.
CertificationOfficial codePrima facie evidence.
Amendment, repeal to include code numbersAssignment of code numbers.
Loans and exchanges of codes and supplements.
Legislators to receive codes and supplements on digital media without charge.
Statute law committee publications to be permanently available in digital form on legislative web sites.
Publication of Washington State RegisterRule-making authority.
Report on rule-making activity.
Substitution of words designating department or secretary of transportation.
Gender neutral languageCode improvement.
Administrative procedures, reviser's powers and duties: Chapter 34.05 RCW.
Statute law committee to publish session laws: Chapter 44.20 RCW.
Voter registration, copy of statewide computer tape provided to statute law committee: RCW 29A.08.760.
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