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Chapter 246-235 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF246-235-001Purpose and scope.
HTMLPDF246-235-010Filing application for specific licenses.
HTMLPDF246-235-020General requirements for the issuance of specific licenses.
HTMLPDF246-235-030Issuance of specific licenses.
HTMLPDF246-235-040Expiration of licenses.
HTMLPDF246-235-050Renewal of license.
HTMLPDF246-235-055Precedence of license condition over regulation.
HTMLPDF246-235-060Amendment of licenses at request of licensee.
HTMLPDF246-235-070Agency action on applications to renew or amend.
HTMLPDF246-235-075Financial assurance and recordkeeping for decommissioning.
HTMLPDF246-235-077Special requirements for emergency planning.
HTMLPDF246-235-080Special requirements for possession and use of medical calibration and reference sources.
HTMLPDF246-235-082Special requirements for issuance of a specific license to initially transfer source material.
HTMLPDF246-235-083Conditions of licenses to initially transfer source material for use under general licenseQuality control, labeling, safety instructions, and reports and records.
HTMLPDF246-235-084Special requirements for issuance of specific licenses for industrial radiography.
HTMLPDF246-235-085Special requirements for issuance of a specific license for wireline services.
HTMLPDF246-235-086Special requirements for environmentally significant licensing actions.
HTMLPDF246-235-090Special requirements for specific licenses of broad scope.
HTMLPDF246-235-091Manufacture and distribution of industrial products containing depleted uranium under general license.
HTMLPDF246-235-093Manufacture, assembly or distribution of devices under general license.
HTMLPDF246-235-095Manufacture, assembly, or distribution of luminous safety devices, certain calibration sources or ice detectors under general license.
HTMLPDF246-235-097Manufacture and distribution of radioactive material for certain in vitro clinical or laboratory testing under general license.
HTMLPDF246-235-100Manufacture, preparation, or transfer for commercial distribution of radioactive drugs containing radioactive material for medical use under chapter 246-240 WAC.
HTMLPDF246-235-102Manufacture and distribution of sources or devices containing radioactive material for medical use.
HTMLPDF246-235-103Prototype tests for manufacture of calibration or reference sources containing americium-241 or radium-226.
HTMLPDF246-235-105Manufacture, assembly or distribution of radioactive material exempt from regulation.
HTMLPDF246-235-107Serialization of nationally tracked sources.
HTMLPDF246-235-108Sealed source and device registration and inactivation.
HTMLPDF246-235-110Special requirements for issuance of specific licenses for source material milling.
HTMLPDF246-235-125Special requirements to report transactions involving nationally tracked sources.
HTMLPDF246-235-130Appendix—General laboratory rules for safe use of unsealed sources.
HTMLPDF246-235-140Schedule B, limits for broad licenses.
HTMLPDF246-235-150Schedule C—Quantities of radioactive materials requiring consideration of the need for an emergency plan for responding to a release.
246-235-120Schedule A groups of medical uses of radioactive material (ref. WAC 246-235-080(3) and 246-235-100(9)). [Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050. WSR 98-13-037, § 246-235-120, filed 6/8/98, effective 7/9/98. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050 and 70.98.080. WSR 91-15-112 (Order 184), § 246-235-120, filed 7/24/91, effective 8/24/91. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.040. WSR 91-02-049 (Order 121), recodified as § 246-235-120, filed 12/27/90, effective 1/31/91. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.080. WSR 87-01-031 (Order 2450), § 402-22-200, filed 12/11/86. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050. WSR 81-01-011 (Order 1570), § 402-22-200, filed 12/8/80. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.080. WSR 79-12-073 (Order 1459), § 402-22-200, filed 11/30/79, effective 1/1/80. Formerly WAC 402-20-260.] Repealed by WSR 06-05-019, filed 2/6/06, effective 3/9/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050.
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