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WAC 82-75-720

Audit findings of a violation.

(1) If the audit finds that any person has violated laws, rules or data use agreements, the WA-APCD program director shall require an investigation be conducted in accordance with WAC 82-75-615. If the investigation determines that a violation or violations have occurred, the office will take appropriate action as set forth in chapter 82-75 WAC.
(2) In addition to any other penalties authorized by law or rule, the audited party may be required to pay the cost of the audit if, after an investigation conducted pursuant to chapter 82-75 WAC, a violation is found. The subject of the audit may contest the requirement to pay the cost of the audit or the amount requested using the appeal process set forth in chapter 82-75 WAC for the appeal of penalties.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.371.070. WSR 18-22-095, ยง 82-75-720, filed 11/5/18, effective 12/6/18.]
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