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WAC 82-75-550

Requirement for fee schedules and processes.

(1) RCW 43.371.020 (5)(g) requires the lead organization to develop a plan for the financial sustainability of the database, and charge fees for reports and data files to fund the database.
(2) The office must approve any fee established by the lead organization.
(3) RCW 43.371.070 requires the office to establish by rule, procedures for the lead organization to establish these statutorily required fees.
(4) The process to develop, review and approve fee schedules will be open and transparent, and allow for stakeholder feedback.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.371.070 (1)(f). WSR 18-10-074, ยง 82-75-550, filed 5/1/18, effective 6/1/18.]
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