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PDFWAC 468-602-030

Priority corridors.

The department shall define the corridors within which bidders may propose to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Priority corridors include Interstate 5, U.S. Highway 2, Interstate 90, U.S. Highway 101, Interstate 82, U.S. Highway 395, and roadways connecting midsize communities and major tourist destinations.
The department believes having publicly accessible electric vehicle fast chargers in forty-mile interval along corridors will provide the basic network necessary to enable vehicle travel between communities. The department further recognizes that an effective corridor requires redundancy and fault tolerance, especially in high-use areas. Bidders are encouraged to submit proposals that clearly support the department's goal of a minimum forty-mile interval target and/or that add capacity/redundancy in congested, high-volume areas for a more robust, dependable charging network. Bidders must explain how their project will lead to the eventual build out of the corridor, and/or planned future charging infrastructure along the corridor.
A bidder may submit a proposal for a project in a corridor that is not listed above as a priority corridor. The department will consider such proposals under the following guidelines:
• Must meet the requirements listed in WAC 468-602-040.
• Must provide supporting evidence that charging stations will be located where the charging services are in demand by electric vehicle customers.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 47.04 RCW. WSR 16-21-092, § 468-602-030, filed 10/19/16, effective 11/19/16.]
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