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WAC 468-305-320

What are the various statuses that my account could be in?

(1) A toll account may be designated with one of the following statuses:
(a) Proposed. An account is in this status prior to becoming active.
(b) Active. An account is considered active if it is funded and eligible to receive toll transactions.
(c) Closed. An account may be closed upon a customer's written request or by the customer service center if there is a lack of sufficient funds or after twenty-four months of inactivity. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the customer.
(d) Suspended. An account may be suspended for up to twenty-four months at the request of the customer. Transactions and payments cannot post to a suspended toll account.
(2) The CSC will not allow a customer to close an account with a negative balance and reopen a new account. The CSC will notify the customer of the amount due, in writing, when an attempt is made to close an account with a negative balance. Unpaid balances on a toll account may be forwarded to a collections agency.
(3) If an account is suspended, closed or has insufficient funds to cover a toll transaction, the customer will receive a Pay By Mail toll bill for any transactions that do not post to the account.
(4) If funds are available on the account at the time of closure, the customer will be refunded the balance, minus any outstanding tolls and fees.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 47.01.101(5), 46.63.160, 47.46.105, 47.56.785, 47.56.790, and 47.56.880. WSR 15-24-123, § 468-305-320, filed 12/2/15, effective 1/2/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.63.160, 47.46.105, 47.56.010, 47.56.030(1), 47.56.070, 47.56.403, 47.56.785, 47.56.795. WSR 11-07-039, § 468-305-320, filed 3/14/11, effective 12/3/11 at 12:00 a.m. per WSR 11-24-042.]
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