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WAC 468-305-315

How do I replenish my account?

You may replenish your account either manually or have it replenished automatically.
(1) Automatic account replenishment. A customer who has a registered toll account may choose to have that account replenished automatically by using an electronic check (ACH) from your bank account, credit card, or branded debit card and according to the following requirements:
(a) Electronic check (ACH). You must designate a bank account (electronic check) to be used for replenishment as well as the replenishment range to be used. The replenishment amount will remain within your authorized range, but will never go below the WSDOT established minimum replenishment amount. You must also complete the electronic check – ACH Authorization Form.
(b) Credit card or branded debit card. You must designate a credit card or branded debit card to be used for replenishment, and designate the payment amount to be used.
The automatic replenishment amount can be raised by the customer but cannot be lowered online. The customer can call a customer service representative to lower the replenishment amount but it cannot be lowered below the WSDOT established minimum replenishment amount. The automatic replenishment is not available on unregistered accounts.
(2) Manual account replenishment. If you choose to manually replenish your account, you are responsible for monitoring your account balance and making deposits as needed to maintain a positive balance sufficient to cover toll charges.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.63.160, 47.46.105, 47.56.010, 47.56.030(1), 47.56.070, 47.56.403, 47.56.785, 47.56.795. WSR 11-07-039, § 468-305-315, filed 3/14/11, effective 12/3/11 at 12:00 a.m. per WSR 11-24-042.]
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