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PDFWAC 463-61-090

Preapplication costs.

(1) A preapplicant shall deposit with the state treasurer ten thousand dollars to be applied to the cost of the preapplication process as a condition for proceeding by EFSEC.
(2) EFSEC shall manage the preapplication costs using the structure outlined in RCW 80.50.071 as follows:
(a) The preapplicant shall pay all reasonable and necessary costs incurred by EFSEC and its members;
(b) EFSEC shall charge against deposits made by the preapplicant;
(c) EFSEC shall provide the preapplicant with estimates of expected costs;
(d) Any EFSEC costs in excess of the initial ten thousand dollars shall be agreed to by the preapplicant and deposited prior to EFSEC expenditure; and
(e) Any unexpended portions of funds deposited for the preapplication process shall be returned to the preapplicant or, if requested by the preapplicant, applied to the cost of EFSEC's review of an application for site certification.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 80.50 RCW and RCW 80.50.040. WSR 08-21-092, ยง 463-61-090, filed 10/15/08, effective 11/15/08.]
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