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Chapter 434-640 WAC

Last Update: 2/14/92


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF434-640-010Records disposal—Generally.
HTMLPDF434-640-020Disposal of confidential records.
HTMLPDF434-640-030Disposal by recycling.


Records disposal—Generally.

When the state or local records committee has authorized the destruction of public records in accord with chapter 40.14 RCW, it shall be the responsibility of the agency having requested or received such authorization to cause such records to be disposed of promptly and effectively, after the approved retention period.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 40.14.020. WSR 92-05-060, § 434-640-010, filed 2/14/92, effective 3/16/92.]


Disposal of confidential records.

It is the agency's responsibility to insure that records exempt from disclosure per chapter 42.17 RCW, or which are otherwise considered confidential, are protected from unauthorized access during any disposal process. The primary purpose of such disposal shall be that of reducing the records to an illegible condition.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 40.14.020. WSR 92-05-060, § 434-640-020, filed 2/14/92, effective 3/16/92.]


Disposal by recycling.

Pursuant to disposal authorization from the state or local records committee, an agency may dispose of records by recycling, under the following conditions:
(1) The prompt destruction of the records shall be insured, and the responsibility for such destruction shall continue to be that of the agency until effectuated.
(2) The recycling agent or entity shall have any required licenses and shall be insured or bonded.
(3) Records shall not be kept in unattended and unprotected storage awaiting their destruction.
(4) The agency or its authorized agent shall have in effect a contract or written agreement with the recycling entity which includes these conditions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 40.14.020. WSR 92-05-060, § 434-640-030, filed 2/14/92, effective 3/16/92.]