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PDFWAC 392-195-015

Application to SPI for funding.

Applicants shall request funds from the superintendent of public instruction in accordance with the provisions set forth below:
(1) Applicants shall conduct a needs assessment.
(2) The board of an applicant shall appoint an advisory in-service training task force of members comprised of representatives from administrators, building principals, teachers, classified and support personnel employed by the applicant, an institution of higher education, and the general public in such numbers as shall be established by the applicant board of directors.
(3) The applicant shall establish written goals and objectives, identify training activities relevant thereto and design evaluation procedures and criteria which assess the degree and level of attainment of the goals and objectives.
(4) The task force shall participate in identifying the in-service training needs and goals pursuant to this chapter and suggest changes, if any, in direction, focus, or evaluation methods. No application will be accepted which is not approved by a majority vote of the task force.
(5) Nonpublic school personnel may be invited to participate in continuing professional development activities by the applicant.
(6) The applicant shall demonstrate with a signed statement of assurance to the superintendent of public instruction its intention to implement the recommendations of the needs assessment.
(7) Funds shall supplement, not supplant, the existing staff development and in-service activities of an applicant.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.71.210. WSR 88-03-006 (Order 88-5), § 392-195-015, filed 1/8/88; WSR 84-20-084 (Order 84-44), § 392-195-015, filed 10/2/84; WSR 79-12-007 (Order 11-79), § 392-195-015, filed 11/9/79; WSR 78-09-115 (Order 78-7), § 392-195-015, filed 9/6/78.]
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