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PDFWAC 392-122-221

DefinitionState institutional education programEnrollment exclusions.

The following may not be counted as an enrolled institutional education program student:
(1) A person whose educational activity has terminated.
(2) A person who has transferred to another institution, school district, or charter school.
(3) An institution student who:
(a) Has not engaged in educational activity in the past five school days, excluding days of excused absence;
(b) Has not engaged in educational activity in the past ten school days including days of excused absence; or
(c) Is claimed by any school district or charter school as an enrolled student eligible for state basic education support pursuant to chapter 392-121 WAC where the school district's count date occurs prior to the institution's count date for the month.
When the institution's count date and the school district's or charter school's count date are on the same date, institutions shall have priority for counting the student.
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