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PDFWAC 392-122-220

Definition—State institutional education program—Enrolled institutional education program student.

"Enrolled institutional education program student" means a person who:
(1)(a) Is in a program in a department of corrections facility and is under eighteen years of age or is eighteen years of age and is continuing in the institutional education program with the permission of the department of corrections and the education provider; or
(b) Is under twenty-one years of age at the beginning of the school year and is either:
(i) In a residential school as defined in RCW 28A.190.020; or
(ii) Confined in a county detention center within the meaning of confinement provided in RCW 13.40.020;
(2) Is scheduled to engage in educational activity in the institutional education program during the current week;
(3) During the current school year, has engaged in educational activity in the institutional education program provided or supervised by educational certificated staff; and
(4) Does not qualify for any of the enrollment exclusions in WAC 392-122-221.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.150.290. WSR 01-24-002, § 392-122-220, filed 11/21/01, effective 12/22/01. Statutory Authority: 1998 c 244 § 9(2) and RCW 28A.150.290. WSR 98-21-065 (Order 98-09), § 392-122-220, filed 10/20/98, effective 11/20/98. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.150.290. WSR 92-03-045 (Order 92-03), § 392-122-220, filed 1/10/92, effective 2/10/92.]
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