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PDFWAC 308-19-140

Renewal and expiration of licenses and endorsements.

(1) Licenses and endorsements issued to bail bond agents, bail bond agencies, branch offices, or bail bond recovery agents expire one year from the date of issue.
(2) Licenses and endorsements must be renewed each year on or before the date of expiration and a renewal fee as prescribed by the director in WAC 308-19-130 must be paid.
(3) If the application for a license or endorsement renewal is not received by the director on or before the renewal date, a penalty fee as prescribed by the director in WAC 308-19-130 shall be paid. Acceptance by the director of an application for renewal after the renewal date shall not be a waiver of the delinquency.
(4) A license or endorsement shall be canceled if an application for a renewal of that license or endorsement is not received by the director within one year from the date of expiration. A person may obtain a new license or endorsement by satisfying the procedures and qualifications for licensing, including the successful completion of any current examination and education requirements.
(5) No bail bond agent, or bail bond agency shall engage in the sale or issuance of bail bonds if their license has expired. No bail bond recovery agent shall perform the duties of a bail bond recovery agent if his/her license has expired.
(6) When the director receives verification that a bail bond agent or recovery agent license has expired or has been revoked or suspended, the director shall advise correction centers.
(7) By renewing the bail bond agent, bail bond recovery agent, or bail bond qualified agent license with the department, the licensee is making declaration that they have met the requirements for annual continued education.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.185 RCW. WSR 08-20-036, § 308-19-140, filed 9/23/08, effective 11/1/08; WSR 05-08-027, § 308-19-140, filed 3/30/05, effective 4/30/05; WSR 04-01-021, § 308-19-140, filed 12/8/03, effective 1/12/04; WSR 00-01-061, § 308-19-140, filed 12/13/99, effective 1/13/00. Statutory Authority: 1993 c 260 § 13. WSR 93-21-053, § 308-19-140, filed 10/18/93, effective 11/18/93.]
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