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PDFWAC 296-36-180

Signals and means of communication.

(1) Effective and reliable signaling devices shall be maintained at all times to give instant communication between the bottom and top of shaft, and where considered necessary by the safety division, dual independent signal systems shall be installed.
(2) Special care shall be taken to keep the signaling apparatus in good order, and all proper precautions shall be taken to prevent electric signal and telephone wires from coming into contact with other electric conductors, whether insulated or not.
(3) Where it is necessary to use signals by means of bell or otherwise for hoisting or lowering, the following code shall be used:
Any code of signals used shall be printed and copies thereof shall be kept posted in a conspicuous place near entrances to work places and in such other places as may be necessary to bring them to the attention of all persons concerned.
1 bell:
Stop immediately if in motion.
2 bells:
3-1 bells:
Hoisting men, run slowly.
3-2 bells:
Lowering men.
1-1 bells:
To hoist muck.
2-1-2 bells:
Release cage, skip, or bucket.
4 slow bells:
Blasting signal. (This is a caution signal and if the hoist operator is prepared to accept it he must acknowledge it by raising cage, skip or bucket a few feet then lowering it again. After accepting this signal, hoist operator must be prepared to hoist men away from blast as soon as signal 3-1 bells are given and must accept no other signal in the meantime.)
5 bells:
Water on or off.
6 bells:
Air on or off.
9 bells:
Danger signal (fire, accident or other danger), followed by station signal, calls cage, skip, or bucket to that station. This signal takes precedence over all others except an accepted blasting signal.
(4) Where tunnels are driven from shafts more than two hundred fifty feet deep, a telephone system shall be established and maintained, communicating with the surface at each such shaft, and with a station or stations readily and quickly accessible to the men at the working level.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 49.17 RCW. WSR 90-17-051 (Order 90-10), § 296-36-180, filed 8/13/90, effective 9/24/90; Rules (Part XIV), filed 12/28/62.]
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