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PDFWAC 296-36-150

Air supply.

(1) Clean air. Compressed air supplied to working area shall not contain quantities of harmful or offensive air contaminants exceeding the limits set forth hereinbefore.
(2) Amount. Nor less than 30 cubic feet per minute per man, measured at the prevailing working chamber pressure, of outside air shall be supplied to the working areas under pressure.
(3) Supply lines. In addition to the compressed air lines supplying working areas under pressure, there shall be a second such line of the same size and similarly equipped which shall be maintained ready for immediate use between the working chamber side of the bulkhead and the compressed air source in case of failure of the first line.
(4) Point of discharge. The point of discharge of the supply line in use shall be as close to the working face as is practicable and the discharge end of both supply lines shall be provided with a check valve.
(5) Air outlet or exhaust line. Air outlet lines from areas under pressure shall be properly located so that injurious gases may be promptly removed. Such lines shall be provided with suitable valves.
(6) Air tools. The high pressure air supplied for air-operated tools, equipment and appliances shall comply with the quality requirements contained in WAC 296-36-145, Air quality in working areas.
[Rules (Part VIII), filed 12/28/62; Rule 2009, filed 3/23/60.]
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