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PDFWAC 296-36-140

Regulation of pressure and air quality in working areas—Pressure monitoring.

(1) High pressure. Every compressed air line used to maintain pressure in working areas shall have a pressure gage attached at a point in the immediate vicinity of the control valves to show the pressure on the high pressure side of the control valves. Such gages shall be so located and illuminated as to be easily read by the operator and shall be of such size and so graduated as to show clearly a change in pressure of one pound.
(2) Back pressure. Back pressure gages to show the pressure in the working areas shall be located on the low pressure side of the bulkhead, in the superintendent's office, at the air control valves and in the power house. Back pressure gages shall be maintained in accurate working order and shall be tested at least once every 24 hours and a record shall be kept of each such test. In addition to the foregoing back pressure gages, a continuous recording back pressure gage shall be installed to provide a record of variations and pressure in the working chamber. The record shall be kept in the superintendent's office and be available for inspection by the director of the state department of labor and industries. Exception: Caissons having a net working area less than 150 square feet shall have back pressure gages installed on the low pressure side of the caisson and at the air control valves.
[Rules (Part VII B), filed 12/28/62.]
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