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PDFWAC 284-84-100

Unfair practices.

Pursuant to RCW 48.30.010, it shall be an unfair practice to:
(1) Contrive to set the premiums at the time of repricing so as to reduce, postpone or avoid cash values.
(2) Recoup past losses or distribute past gains when repricing the policies, when defining the current interest to be credited, or when determining mortality, morbidity or expenses to be charged.
(3) Increase the interest credited to present a more competitive rate while at the same time increasing the mortality, morbidity, expense or other charge or to adjust these and other rates in a similar manner, unless justified by actual company experience.
(4) Review less than all pricing assumptions at repricing or setting of the current credits and charges, thereby upsetting the consistent and equitable treatment of the policyholders.
(5) Add additional pricing variables to the definition of a class of insureds after issue, without the prior written approval of the commissioner.
(6) Separate one class of insureds into two or more classes after issue, without the prior written approval of the commissioner.
(7) Adjust premiums, interest credits, expenses and loads other than with respect to an entire class of insureds.
(8) Treat renewing policyholders in a manner inconsistent or inequitably with new policyholders.
(9) Have one class of insureds support, or be supported by, another class.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060. WSR 86-02-011 (Order R 85-5), ยง 284-84-100, filed 12/20/85.]
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