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PDFWAC 284-84-070

Mandatory policy provisions.

The policy shall, in addition to compliance with RCW 48.23.020, provide or comply with the following:
(1) The policy shall provide that the policyowner will be sent, without charge, at least annually, a report which will serve to keep such policyowner advised as to the status of the policy including the rights to the values and benefits. The report shall also specify the conditions, if any, that the policyowner must fulfill in order to obtain these ownerships. The end of the current report period must be no more than three months prior to the date of the mailing of the report. Specific requirements of this report are detailed in WAC 284-84-090.
(2) The policy shall provide for an illustrative report which shall be sent to the policyowner upon request. Minimum requirements of such report are set forth in WAC 284-84-080. The insurer may charge the policyowner a reasonable fee for providing the report. The amount of this fee shall be disclosed on the policy specifications page.
(3) Policy guarantees. The policy shall contain:
(a) A table of guaranteed cash surrender and nonforfeiture values and a description of the basis of their calculation.
(b) All values and data shown in the policy shall be based on the minimum guaranteed interest rate(s) and the maximum guaranteed mortality and expense charges.
(4) The policy shall contain a description of the calculation of cash surrender values deriving from the accumulation of a policy value including the following information:
(a) The guaranteed maximum expense charges and loads;
(b) The guaranteed minimum rate or rates of interest;
(c) The guaranteed maximum mortality charges;
(d) The guaranteed morbidity charges, if any;
(e) Any other guaranteed charges; and
(f) Any surrender or partial withdrawal charges.
(5) Expense charges and loads, interest credits, mortality and morbidity charges, other current charges, current surrender or partial withdrawal charges shall not remain conditional for a period longer than twelve months.
(6) If the policyowner has the right to change the basic coverage, any limitation on the amount or timing of such change shall be stated in the policy. If the policyowner has the right to increase the basic coverage, the policy shall state whether a new period of contestability and/or suicide is applicable to the additional coverage.
(7) If there is a misstatement of age or sex in the policy, the amount of the death benefit shall be that which would be purchased by the most recent mortality charge at the correct age or sex. The commissioner may approve other methods which are deemed satisfactory.
(8) The scheduled guaranteed premium shall be sufficient to fund the coverage to the termination date, if any, and to provide for the endowment, if any.
(9) If the "current" premiums are not guaranteed, they may be included in the policy if clearly labelled and identified.
(10) If the contract provides for current premiums, then it shall also disclose the duration of the insurance provided if the current premiums are paid at each policy anniversary. This disclosure shall be in close proximity to the amount of the current premium shown on the policy specifications page. The duration shall be calculated using the guaranteed policy assumptions.
(11) The policy specifications page shall contain a statement, in close proximity to the statement of the current interest to be credited the policy value, if any, that the current interest and savings in the mortality or expense charges may not be fully reflected in the policy benefits.
(12) Substandard issues. If a policy is issued to an insured in a substandard premium class, the policy must be identified as a substandard issue on the policy specifications page, along with the guaranteed and current extra premiums and an explanation of how the mortality charge applied to the policy value will be determined.
(13) The policy shall define the class of insureds in terms of each applicable pricing variable and its initial set of "current" premiums as of the date of issue.
(14) The policy shall include a provision whereby changes in the current premium and any charges or credits may only be made with respect to the entire class of insureds.
(15) The brief description on the face page shall contain the words "universal life insurance."
[Statutory Authority: RCW 48.02.060. WSR 86-02-011 (Order R 85-5), ยง 284-84-070, filed 12/20/85.]
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