Chapter 284-21 WAC

Last Update: 3/1/69


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284-21-010Loss payable and mortgagee endorsements.
284-21-990Appendix—Form—Loss payable endorsement.

Loss payable and mortgagee endorsements.

After March 1, 1968, no new policy of automobile physical damage insurance or property insurance covering property located in the state of Washington shall be endorsed with a long form loss payable or mortgagee clause, other than:
(1) For automobile physical damage insurance, the form attached to this regulation, which is here designated Form REG-335.
(2) For property insurance, either:
(a) What is now called Standard Forms Bureau Form 372 (Nov. 1950) or the NS version of the same form, which may be adapted for use with insurance on personal property by typing over or deleting from the form the phrase "on buildings only;" or
(b) What is now called Form 438 BFU (May 1, 1942), as approved by the Board of Fire Underwriters of the Pacific and California Bankers Association Insurance Committee, or the NS version of the same form, which may be adopted for use with insurance on personal property by typing over or deleting from the form the phrase "on buildings only;" or
(c) Form REG-335 (see appendix [codified as WAC 284-21-990] at end of this chapter).
Specimens of the above forms may be obtained without cost by calling or writing to the Office of Insurance Commissioner, Insurance Building, Olympia, Washington.
[Order R-68-5, § 284-21-010, filed 7/9/68.]

Appendix—Form—Loss payable endorsement.

loss payable endorsement
This form is identical to that promulgated in Washington State Insurance Commissioner's Regulation No. 335, pursuant to section 1, chapter 12, Laws of 1967, ex. sess., State of Washington.
1. Loss or damage, if any, under this policy shall be payable first to the loss payee or mortgagee (hereinafter called secured party), and, second, to the insured, as their interests may appear; Provided, That, upon demand for separate settlement by the secured party, the amount of said loss shall be paid directly to the secured party to the extent of its interest.
2. This insurance as to the interest of the secured party shall not be invalidated by any act or neglect of the insured named in said policy or his agents, employees or representatives, nor by any change in the title or ownership of the insured property: Provided, however, That, the conversion, embezzlement or secretion by the named insured or his agents, employees or representatives is not covered under said policy unless specifically insured against and premiums paid therefor.
3. In applying the pro rata provisions of the policy, the amount payable to the secured party shall be reduced only to the extent of pro rata payments receivable by the secured party under other policies.
4. The company reserves the right to cancel the policy at any time as provided by its terms, but in such case the company shall mail to the secured party a notice stating when such cancellation shall become effective as to the interest of said secured party. The amount and form of such notice shall be not less than that required to be given the named insured, by law or by the policy provisions, whichever is more favorable to the secured party.
5. If the insured fails to render proof of loss within the time granted in the policy conditions, such secured party shall do so within sixty days after having knowledge of a loss, in form and manner as provided by the policy, and, further, shall be subject to the provisions of the policy relating to appraisal and the time of payment and bringing suit.
6. Whenever the company shall pay the secured party any sum for loss or damage under policy and shall claim that, as to the insured, no liability exists, the company shall, to the extent of such payment, be thereupon legally subrogated to all the rights of the party to whom such payment shall be made, under all collateral held to secure the debt, or may, at its option, pay to the secured party the whole principal due or to grow due on the mortgage or other security agreement, with interest, and shall thereupon receive a full assignment and transfer of the mortgage or other security agreement and of all collateral held to secure it; but no subrogation shall impair the right of the secured party to recover the full amount due it.
7. All terms and conditions of the policy remain unchanged except as herein specifically provided.
8. All notices sent to the secured party shall be sent to its last reported address, which must be stated in the policy or in this endorsement below.
form reg.-335
Page 1
9. The following item shall be completed if this endorsement is not referred to by number in the policy to which this endorsement is attached:
The foregoing is attached to and forms a part of Policy No . . . . . . . of . . . . . . . . Insurance Company, issued to . . . . . . . . Endorsement effective date . . . . . . , 19 . . .
10. If the secured party and its address is not designated in the policy to which this endorsement is attached, the following line(s) shall be completed:
. . . .
Secured Party
. . . .
Secured Party
Address: . . . .
Address: . . . .
. . . .
. . . .
. . . .
By . . . .
form reg.-335
Page 2
[Order R-68-5 (codified as WAC 284-21-990), filed 7/9/68; Order 335, filed 1/3/68.]