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PDFWAC 260-13-590

Disclosure of management.

An applicant for a Class A, B, or C license must disclose the following regarding development, ownership, and operation of its parimutuel horse racing facility:
(1) A description of the applicant's management plan, with budget and identification of management personnel by function, job descriptions, and qualifications for each management position, and a copy of the organization chart;
(2) Management personnel, including the following:
(a) Legal name, aliases, and previous names;
(b) Current residence and business addresses and telephone numbers;
(3) Consultants and other contractors who have provided or will provide management-related services to applicant, including the following:
(a) Full name;
(b) Current address and telephone number;
(c) Nature of services;
(d) Qualifications and experience; and
(e) Description of terms and conditions of any contractor's agreement, and a copy of the agreement;
(4) Memberships of the applicant, management personnel, and consultants in horse racing organizations;
(5) Description of the applicant's security plan, including:
(a) Number of security personnel used by the applicant during a race meet, security staff levels during live racing, and at other times;
(b) Specific security plans for perimeter, stabling facilities, parimutuel betting facilities, purses, horsemen's bookkeeper, and cash room;
(c) Description of video monitoring equipment and its use;
(d) Whether the applicant will be a member of the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau or other security organization; and
(e) Coordination of security with law enforcement agencies;
(6) Description of the applicant's plans for human and animal health and safety, including emergencies;
(7) Description of the applicant's marketing, promotion, and advertising plans;
(8) A description of the applicant's plan for concessions, including whether the licensee will operate concessions and, if not, who will, to the extent known;
(9) A description of the applicant's plan for conduct of horse racing, including types of racing, number of days, weeks, specific dates, number of races per day, time of day, and special events;
(10) A description of the applicant's plan for purses, including total purses, formula, minimum purse, stakes races, and purse handling procedures;
(11) A description of the applicant's plan for parimutuel betting, including, windows, selling machines and clerks; and accounting procedures, including its proposed system of internal audit and supervisory controls;
(12) Its plan for promoting the orderly growth of horse racing in Washington;
(13) A description of the impact of its horse racing facility, including:
(a) The effects of its ownership and/or operation of its horse racing facility on competitors within the horse racing industry. This disclosure must analyze the impact on all other existing race tracks in Washington at the time and when the racing dates are projected to commence;
(b) Economic impact, including:
(i) Employment created and specifics as to number of jobs, whether permanent or temporary, type of work, compensation, employer, and how created;
(ii) Purchases of goods and services and specifics as to money amounts and types of purchases;
(iii) Public and private investment; and
(iv) Tax revenues generated;
(c) Ecological impact; and
(d) Impact on energy conservation and development of alternative energy sources;
(14) Describe public support and opposition, whether by a governmental official or agency or private individual or group including any applicable documentation; and
(15) Provide the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of individuals who assisted the applicant in preparation of its application and describe each person's role in preparing the application.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 67.16.020 and 67.16.040. WSR 08-17-050, ยง 260-13-590, filed 8/14/08, effective 9/14/08.]
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