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PDFWAC 246-916-030

Applicants currently licensed in other states.

Before licensure may be issued to any individual currently licensed to practice as an athletic trainer in another state, as provided in chapter 18.250 RCW, applicants must provide evidence of:
(1) Having met the education requirements for licensure as defined in WAC 246-916-020; and
(2) Attaining a passing score on the examination as defined in WAC 246-916-010; and
(3) Verification of credential from any state; and
(4) Completion of seven clock hours of AIDS education and training as required in chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 8; and
(5) Any other written declarations or documentation, as required by the secretary.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.250.020. WSR 08-11-060, ยง 246-916-030, filed 5/16/08, effective 7/1/08.]
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