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PDFWAC 246-826-301

Hemodialysis technician, category G minimum requirements to perform hemodialysis.

An individual may not function as or represent himself or herself as a hemodialysis technician, Category G, unless that individual has satisfied the training and competency requirements of these rules. The individual in the process of completing training as a hemodialysis technician shall be identified as a trainee when present in any patient area of the facility. Applicants must meet all of the following minimum requirements prior to being certified as a health care assistant for Category G:
(1) Minimum qualifications for hemodialysis technician, Category G assistants to perform hemodialysis, the applicant must have:
(a) A high school education or its equivalent;
(b) The ability to read, write and converse in the English language;
(c) Basic math skills including the use of fractions and decimal points; and
(d) Adequate physical ability, including sufficient manual dexterity to perform the requisite health care services.
(2) Documentation of the satisfactory completion of a skills competency checklist equivalent to, or exceeding the competencies required by these rules.
(3) Training and experience. The hemodialysis technician, Category G assistant shall receive training, evaluation(s), and assessment of knowledge and skills to determine minimum level competency, as required by WAC 246-826-302.
(4) The dialysis facility forwarding an application for certification as a hemodialysis technician must verify the applicant has satisfactorily completed all of the core competencies and minimum training standards for hemodialysis training programs required by chapter 18.135 RCW and these rules. The dialysis facility must verify that the applicant is sufficiently qualified, skilled, and knowledgeable to perform all procedures to be delegated to the applicant upon certification.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.135.030 and 18.135.020. WSR 02-06-115, ยง 246-826-301, filed 3/6/02, effective 4/6/02.]
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