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PDFWAC 246-562-040

Principles that will be applied to the visa waiver program.

(1) The visa waiver program is considered a secondary source for recruiting qualified physicians. It is not a substitute for broad recruiting efforts for graduates from U.S. medical schools.
(2) Sponsorship may be offered to applicants that can provide evidence of sustained active recruitment for the vacancy in the practice location for a physician who has specific needed skills.
(3) Sponsorship is intended to support introduction of physicians into practice settings that promote continuation of the practice beyond the initial contract period.
(4) Sponsorship will be for an employment situation where there is community support and a collegial professional environment.
(5) The visa waiver program will be used to assist applicants that provide care to all residents of the federally designated HPSA. When a HPSA designation is for a population group as approved by the federal Health Research and Services Administration as defined by 42 C.F.R. Chapter 1, Part 5, Appendices A or C, the applicant must provide care to the population group.
(6) Sponsorship is available to applicants that can document the provision of needed services, regardless of public or private ownership.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.185.040 and P.L. 110-362. WSR 16-17-060, § 246-562-040, filed 8/12/16, effective 10/1/16. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.185 RCW. WSR 98-20-067, § 246-562-040, filed 10/2/98, effective 11/2/98.]
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