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PDFWAC 246-100-209

Counseling standards—Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) pretest counseling—HIV post-test counseling.

Health care providers and other persons providing pretest or post-test counseling shall assess the individual's risk of acquiring and transmitting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) by evaluating information about the individual's possible risk-behaviors and unique circumstances, and as appropriate:
(1) Base counseling on the recommendations of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as published in the Revised Guidelines for HIV Counseling, November 2001; and
(2) Assist the individual to set a realistic behavior-change goal and establish strategies for reducing their risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV; and
(3) Provide appropriate risk reduction skills-building opportunities to support the behavior change goal; and
(4) Provide or refer for other appropriate prevention, support or medical services, including those services for other bloodborne pathogens; and
(5) If the individual being counseled tested positive for HIV infection:
(a) Provide or arrange for at least one individual in-person counseling session consistent with the requirements in subsection (1) through (4) of this section; and
(b) Unless testing was anonymous, inform the individual that the identity of the individual testing positive for HIV infection will be confidentially reported to the state or local health officer; and
(c) Ensure compliance with the partner notification provisions contained in WAC 246-100-072, and inform the tested person of those requirements; and
(d) Develop or adopt a system to avoid documenting the names of referred partners in the permanent record of the individual being counseled; and
(e) Offer referral for alcohol and drug and mental health counseling, including suicide prevention, if appropriate; and
(f) Provide or refer for medical evaluation including services for other bloodborne pathogens, antiretroviral treatment, HIV prevention and other support services; and
(g) Provide or refer for tuberculosis screening.
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