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PDFWAC 230-15-040

Requirements for authorized card games.

(1) In order for a card game to be authorized, it must be approved by the director or the director's designee and must:
(a) Be played with standard playing cards or with electronic card facsimiles approved by the director or the director's designee; and
(b) Offer no more than four "separate games" with a single hand of cards and no more than three of the "separate games" may offer a wager that exceeds five dollars each.
(i) "Separate game" means each individual objective to be achieved within a card game that requires a separate wager and results in a distinct and separate pay out based upon the outcome.
(ii) Progressive jackpots are considered "separate games."
(c) Identify "bonus features" to be allowed in each card game:
(i) "Bonus feature" means an added prize and/or variation based on achieving the predetermined specific hand required to win the prize and does not require a separate wager. More than one "bonus feature" may be offered per card game. A "bonus feature" must not be combined with a progressive jackpot. Examples include, but are not limited to, "envy" and "share the wealth" "bonus features" when operated as described below.
(ii) A "bonus feature" is not considered a separate game.
(d) Operate "envy" and "share the wealth" "bonus features" as follows:
(i) If a player makes a wager that qualifies for an "envy" "bonus feature" pay out, they are entitled to receive a prize if another player's hand achieves the predetermined specific hand. If a player is playing more than one wagering area or if a hand they are playing is split into two or more hands and any one of their hands achieves the predetermined specific hand, their other hand with a qualifying wager is entitled to receive a prize also.
(ii) If a player makes a wager that qualifies for a "share the wealth" pay out, they are entitled to receive a prize if their hand(s) or another player's hand(s) achieves the predetermined specific hand.
(e) Not allow side bets between players.
(2) Card game licensees may use more than one deck of cards for a specific game. They also may remove cards to comply with rules of a specific game, such as Pinochle or Spanish 21.
(3) Players must:
(a) Compete against all other players on an equal basis for nonhouse-banked games or against the house for house-banked games. All players must compete solely as a player in the card game, except as authorized in approved card game rules for variations of the game of Pai Gow poker where a player may bank the game every other hand; and
(b) Receive their own hand of cards and be responsible for decisions regarding such hand, such as whether to fold, discard, draw additional cards, or raise the wager; and
(c) Not place wagers on any other player's or the house's hand or make side wagers with other players, except for:
(i) An insurance wager placed in the game of Blackjack; or
(ii) "Envy" or "share the wealth" "bonus features"; or
(iii) A tip wager made on behalf of a dealer.
(4) Mini-Baccarat is authorized when operated as described in the commission approved game rules on our web site. However:
(a) Card game licensees may make immaterial modifications to the game; and
(b) Subsection (3) of this section does not apply; and
(c) The number of players is limited under WAC 230-15-055.
(5) A player's win or loss must be determined during the course of play of a single card game, except for:
(a) A carryover pot game. A carryover pot is an optional pot that accumulates as a dealer and participating players contribute to the pot. The winner of the pot is not necessarily determined after one game and the pot can be carried over to more than one game. Carryover pots must not carryover more than ten games. Participants must include at least one player and the dealer competing for the highest qualifying winning hand. Game rules must state how the pot is distributed. If the carryover pot has not been won by the tenth game, the dealer will divide it equally between the remaining players still participating in the pot and the house or, if allowed by game rules, only the players still participating in the pot; and
(b) In the game of Mini-Baccarat, a player may make an optional wager on the player hand winning the next three consecutive games, or the banker hand winning the next three consecutive games.
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