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PDFWAC 192-620-035

When will a weekly benefit amount be prorated?

For an employee on paid family or medical leave, a weekly benefit amount is prorated when:
(1) The employee works hours for wages; or
(2) The employee uses paid sick leave, paid vacation leave, or other paid time off that is not considered a supplemental benefit payment as defined in WAC 192-500-180.
Example 1: An employee has already served a waiting period in the claim year and files a claim for a week of paid medical leave. The employee typically works forty hours a week at eight hours per day. In the week for which the employee is claiming, the employee claimed one day of paid medical leave and worked the other four days. This employee's weekly benefit is usually $800. The weekly benefit would then be prorated by the hours on paid medical leave (eight hours) relative to the typical workweek hours (40 hours). Eight hours is 20% of 40 hours. The employee's weekly benefit would be prorated to 20% for a total of $160.
Example 2: An employee files a claim for eight hours of paid family and medical leave and takes sick leave from the employer for the same day. The employer does not offer the sick leave as a supplemental benefit payment. The sick leave is considered hours worked by the employee. The employee is being paid for the same hours claimed on paid family and medical leave. This employee is not eligible for benefits for this week.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 50A.04.215. WSR 19-23-090, ยง 192-620-035, filed 11/19/19, effective 12/20/19.]
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