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WAC 181-79A-250

Initial and continuing certificates—Renewal, reinstatement, and continuing education requirements.

The following shall apply to initial and continuing certificates issued pursuant to this chapter:
(1) Initial certificate.
(a) Teachers.
An initial teacher certificate may be renewed for an additional three-year period on application and verification that the individual has completed all course work requirements from a regionally accredited institution of higher education as defined in WAC 181-78A-010(6) for continuing certification or has completed at least fifteen quarter credit hours (ten semester credit hours) since the certificate was issued or renewed. After August 31, 2000, provisions of WAC 181-79A-123 will apply.
(b) Administrators.
After June 30, 2004, provisions of WAC 181-79A-123(8) will apply.
(c) Educational staff associates.
After June 30, 2005, provisions of WAC 181-79A-123(9) will apply to school psychologists and school counselors.
(2) Continuing certificate.
(a) The continuing certificates of holders who were eligible for such certificates prior to August 31, 1987, and who applied for such certificates prior to July 1, 1988, or who would have been eligible for such certificates prior to August 31, 1987, but for one of the three-year experience requirement and who complete such requirement and apply for such certificate prior to August 31, 1988, will be valid for life. Holders of valid continuing certificates affected by this subsection shall be entitled to have such certificate reissued and subject to the terms and conditions applicable to certification at the time of reissuance including the continuing education requirements of chapter 181-85 WAC.
(b) All continuing certificates not affected by the exception stated in (a) of this subsection shall expire if the holder does not complete the continuing education requirement to include the filing requirement specified in chapter 181-85 WAC. To reinstate such an expired continuing certificate the individual must complete the requirements for reinstatement stated within chapter 181-85 WAC and must meet the conditions stated in WAC 181-79A-253.
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