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PDFWAC 172-108-040

Formal adjudicative proceedings.

(1) Eastern Washington University utilizes a formal adjudicative proceeding for certain student conduct proceedings as identified in chapter 172-121 WAC and certain academic integrity code proceedings as identified in chapter 172-90 WAC. The procedural rules for these formal adjudicative proceedings are contained in the Student conduct code, chapter 172-121 WAC, and the academic integrity code, chapter 172-90 WAC. In all other cases, Eastern Washington University only utilizes formal adjudicative proceedings when required by RCW 34.05.413 through 34.05.476 or for the adjudication of formal Title IX complaints against employees as set forth in university policy.
(2) An application for a formal adjudicative proceeding shall be in writing. Application forms are available from: University Policy Administration; Eastern Washington University; Tawanka 211, Cheney, WA 99004-2496. Written application for a formal adjudicative proceeding in response to the institution's action must be submitted to the above address within twenty-one calendar days of the action, unless otherwise provided by statute or rule.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). WSR 21-01-104, § 172-108-040, filed 12/11/20, effective 1/11/21; WSR 17-11-051, § 172-108-040, filed 5/15/17, effective 6/15/17; WSR 14-24-038, § 172-108-040, filed 11/24/14, effective 12/25/14; WSR 92-09-100, § 172-108-040, filed 4/20/92, effective 5/21/92.]
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