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PDFWAC 16-104-190


(1) These grades are applicable to edible shell eggs in "lot" quantities rather than on an "individual" egg basis. A lot may contain any quantity of two or more eggs. References in these standards to the term "case" means 30-dozen egg cases as used in commercial practices in the state of Washington.
(2) Terms used in WAC 16-104-190 that are defined in WAC 16-104-130 have the same meaning as defined therein.
(3) Aggregate tolerances are permitted within each consumer grade only as an allowance for variable efficiency and interpretation of graders, normal changes under favorable conditions during reasonable periods between grading and inspection and reasonable variation of inspector's interpretation.
(4) Substitution of higher qualities for the lower qualities specified is permitted.
(5) "No grade" or "receipts" means eggs of possible edible quality on which no grade determination has been made or that fail to meet the requirements of an official Washington state consumer grade or that may have been contaminated by smoke, chemicals or other foreign material which may have seriously affected the character, appearance or flavor of the eggs. "No grade" or "receipts" eggs shall be sold only to a dealer who shall be equipped to assign a grade.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 69.25 RCW. WSR 87-16-075 (Order 1945), ยง 16-104-190, filed 8/4/87.]
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