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PDFWAC 16-104-170

Terms descriptive of the yolk.

(1) Outline slightly defined (AA quality). A yolk outline that is indistinctly indicated and appears to blend into the surrounding white as the egg is twirled.
(2) Outline fairly well defined (A quality). A yolk outline that is discernible but not clearly outlined as the egg is twirled.
(3) Outline plainly visible (B quality). A yolk outline that is clearly visible as a dark shadow when the egg is twirled.
(4) Enlarged and flattened (B quality). A yolk in which the yolk membranes and tissues have weakened and/or moisture has been absorbed from the white to such an extent that the yolk appears definitely enlarged and flat.
(5) Practically free from defects (AA quality or A quality). A yolk that shows no germ development but may show other very slight defects on its surface.
(6) Serious defects (B quality). A yolk that shows well developed spots or areas and other serious defects, such as olive yolks, which do not render the egg inedible.
(7) Clearly visible germ development (B quality). A development of the germ spot on the yolk of a fertile egg that has progressed to a point where it is plainly visible as a definite circular area or spot with no blood in evidence.
(8) Blood due to germ development. Blood caused by development of the germ in a fertile egg to the point where it is visible as definite lines or as a blood ring. Such an egg is classified as inedible.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 69.25 RCW. WSR 87-16-075 (Order 1945), ยง 16-104-170, filed 8/4/87.]
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