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PDFWAC 16-08-031

Request for hearing—Filing.

(1) A request for hearing (application for adjudicative proceeding) must be in writing and filed with the department during regular office hours at the address designated in the notice or instructions provided by the department.
(2) A request for hearing is filed in a timely manner when the mailing is postmarked or received by the department within twenty-five days of service of the proposed department action giving rise to the request for hearing.
(3) A request for hearing may be filed with the department by personal delivery, commercial delivery, fax, or first-class, registered, or certified mail. A request for hearing may be filed by electronic mail (email) only when instructions for email filings have been provided by the department.
(4) If the request for hearing is not timely filed with the department, the applicant waives his or her right to a hearing.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 11-20-047, § 16-08-031, filed 9/29/11, effective 10/30/11; WSR 97-14-050, § 16-08-031, filed 6/27/97, effective 7/28/97; WSR 91-23-051, § 16-08-031, filed 11/15/91, effective 12/16/91.]
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