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PDFWAC 135-110-370

Incumbent automatically reelected if no other person files.

(1) The incumbent is automatically reelected to another three-year term if:
(a) Due notice of the election resolution and the election have been duly published by the conservation district;
(b) The only person filing by the filing deadline is the incumbent;
(c) The conservation district verifies the continued eligibility of the incumbent to serve another term of office; and
(d) The incumbent has not resigned on or before the last date of election.
(2) When an incumbent is automatically reelected, no other election activities at physical poll sites or through remote election processes may be performed.
(3) Before election day, the conservation district must inform the voting public that the incumbent has been reelected by reason of being the only person filing for the position, and that no poll site, mail, or absentee balloting will be performed, and on election day, signs containing this information must be posted at poll sites.
(4) Within four weeks of the first date of election as scheduled in the election resolution, the conservation district must inform the conservation commission of the automatic reelection of the incumbent.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 89.08.040, 89.08.190, and 89.08.200. WSR 10-21-084, ยง 135-110-370, filed 10/19/10, effective 11/19/10.]
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