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PDFWAC 132V-22-020


As used in this chapter, the following terms and definitions shall mean[:]
(1) "Appointing authority" shall mean the board of trustees of Community College District 22.
(2) The definitions of "tenure," "faculty appointment," "probationary faculty appointment," "probationer," and "administrative appointment," shall be the same as are contained within RCW 28B.50.851 as now or hereafter amended.
(3) "Regular college year" shall mean a faculty appointment normally inclusive of consecutive fall, winter, and spring quarters.
(4) "President" shall mean the president of Tacoma Community College [and of any other college hereafter established within Community College] District 22, or in such president's absence, the acting president.
(5) "College" shall mean Tacoma Community College and any subsequent community college hereafter established within Community College District 22.
(6) "Tenure review committee" shall mean a committee composed of [three academic employees] who hold [tenured] faculty appointments a division chairman, or management supervisor and a student appointed pursuant to WAC 132V-22-030.
(7) "Full time" shall mean an appointment which is consistent with the full-time contractual assignment specified within Article 6.00 of the negotiated agreement.
(8) "Dismissal" shall mean the termination of a tenured faculty appointment or a probationary faculty appointment by the appointing authority.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(13) and 28B.50.852. WSR 81-08-002 (Order 6-81, Resolution No. 81-6), § 132V-22-020, filed 3/19/81; Order 16, § 132V-22-020, filed 12/28/73; Order 9, § 132V-22-020, filed 3/1/73; Order 3, § 132V-22-020, filed 5/29/70.]
Reviser's note: RCW 34.05.395 requires the use of underlining and deletion marks to indicate amendments to existing rules, and deems ineffectual changes not filed by the agency in this manner. The bracketed material in the above section does not appear to conform to the statutory requirement.
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