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PDFWAC 132V-116-270

Appeal of fines and penalties.

Any fines and penalties levied against a violator of the rules and regulations set forth herein must be appealed in writing, stating fully all grounds for appeal, within five days from the date of the citation, to the public safety supervisor who will:
(1) After notice to the appealing party, confer with said party and review the appeal to determine whether a satisfactory solution can be reached without further administrative action. The public safety supervisor will advise the appellant, as soon as practicable, of his proposed decision.
(2) If the appellant is dissatisfied with the public safety supervisor's proposed decision, the appeal will be forwarded to the parking appeals committee. The decision of the parking appeals committee will be final.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(10). WSR 12-21-097, § 132V-116-270, filed 10/23/12, effective 11/23/12; Order 77-2, § 132V-116-270, filed 6/3/77.]
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