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PDFWAC 110-720-0050

Powers of the administrative law judge.

The administrative law judge after the hearing conducted in accordance with WAC 388-720-0040, in the final order rendered shall:
(1) Include the name and age of the juvenile.
(2) Include the legally obligated person's monthly obligation amount for the period of the juvenile's confinement beginning with the date the child enters the custody of the department.
(3) Not establish any amount constituting a repayment figure of any accrued obligation of the legally obligated person.
(4) State that any accrued obligation shall be paid by the legally obligated person to the department's office of financial recovery (OFR) and that OFR will be responsible for determining the method of repayment of the parent's accrued obligation.
(5) Include a statement that the responsible person's financial obligation is collectible by OFR and that should the legally obligated person fail to comply with any payment plan entered into by OFR and the legally obligated person, or the legally obligated person fails to pay the amount set out in the final order, OFR shall be authorized to take legal collection action to recover the amounts due from the legally obligated person. Legal collection action can include, but is not limited to:
(a) The filing of liens against the real and personal property of the responsible person; or
(b) The issuance of a garnishment order against the wages, bank accounts, or other property of the responsible persons.
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