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PDFWAC 110-720-0010


"Department" means the department of social and health services, state of Washington.
"Dependent" means the juvenile's parent or parents, a registered domestic partner, a stepparent living in the home who has no income, any child, stepchild or adult family member on whom the parent may claim a federal income tax deduction, not including the juvenile confined to the department.
"Federal poverty guidelines" means the poverty guidelines updated periodically in the federal register by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under the authority of 42 U.S.C. 9902(2).
"Gross income" means the total income, as determined by the department, from all sources, received by the legally obligated person, the legally obligated person's spouse or registered domestic partner, the juvenile, or other children or step-children of the legally obligated person remaining in the household. Child support received for the juvenile will be included as gross income; child support received for other children will not be counted as part of the legally obligated person's gross income.
"Juvenile" means a juvenile offender sentenced to confinement in the department, other than an offender for whom a parent is approved to receive adoption support under chapter 74.13 RCW.
"Legally obligated person," "financially obligated person" and "responsible person" mean the parent or parents of the juvenile or other person or persons, including registered domestic partners, legally obligated to care for and support the juvenile, including a stepparent.
[WSR 19-14-079, recodified as § 110-720-0010, filed 7/1/19, effective 7/1/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 13.40.220. WSR 09-24-093, § 388-720-0010, filed 12/1/09, effective 1/1/10; WSR 00-22-019, recodified as § 388-720-0010, filed 10/20/00, effective 11/20/00; WSR 94-15-009 (Order 3752), § 275-47-010, filed 7/8/94, effective 8/8/94.]
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