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PDFWAC 434-840-025

Attaining age of majority.

When a participant reaches the age of eighteen, the secretary of state shall inform the participant of options related to continued participation in the address confidentiality program. These options include leaving the program, applying for continuation in the program, and reapplying on their own behalf.
(1) In anticipation of the participant's eighteenth birthday, the secretary of state shall send an application packet via first class mail to the participant's substitute address. The packet must include instructions on actions to be taken by age eighteen. The packet must include notice that if the participant does not respond within thirty days they will be removed from the program, they must return their authorization card, and mail forwarding will stop. If thirty days passes without contact from the participant, the secretary of state shall mail a final notice that the participant's certification will be canceled if the participant fails to submit the certification of continuance within ten days.
(2) The packet shall include the application form, checklist of understanding, authorization card form, and information about voter registration. The secretary of state must offer the participant the opportunity to register to vote as a protected records voter.
(3) The secretary of state shall renew the certification of a participant upon receipt of a completed application form and checklist of understanding. If the form is for continuance of participation, it does not require the signature of an application assistant. Responsibility for changes in information and renewal belong to the participant once the participant reaches age eighteen.
(4) A participant who reaches age eighteen and changes residence may reapply through an application assistant, or withdraw.
(5) Program participants that have reached age eighteen who have withdrawn, or allowed certification to expire, may reapply on their own behalf by contacting an application assistant.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 40.24.090 and 40.24.030. WSR 19-12-002, ยง 434-840-025, filed 5/22/19, effective 6/22/19.]
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