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PDFWAC 434-840-005


For the purposes of this chapter:
(1) "Actual residential address" means any physical locations where the participant resides, works, or attends school, for which the participant is requesting confidentiality.
(2) "Address confidentiality program (ACP)" means the agency employee designated by the secretary of state with responsibility for developing and administering the program that implements the provisions of chapter 40.24 RCW.
(3) "Agency" means every elected or appointed state or local public office, public officer, or official, department, division, bureau, board, commission, committee, council, authority, agency, institution of higher education, or other unit of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the state; or any city, county, city and county, town, special district, school district, local improvement district, or other statutory unit of state or local government or any functional subdivision of that agency, or any other kind of municipal, quasi-municipal, or public corporation.
(4) "Applicant" means an adult person, a parent or guardian acting on behalf of a minor, if the minor resides with the applicant, or a guardian acting on behalf of an incapacitated person as defined in RCW 11.88.010.
(5) "Application assistant" means an employee of a state or local agency, or of a nonprofit program that provides advocacy, counseling, referral, or shelter services to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, trafficking, or stalking who has been designated by the respective agency, and has been accepted by the secretary of state to assist individuals with threat assessment, safety planning, determining whether the program's services can help keep the victim safe, and the completion and submission of the ACP application.
(6) "Authorization card" means the official card issued by the secretary of state to a participant, which must state the participant's name, date of birth, substitute address, certification expiration date, and signature of the program participant.
(7) "Authorization card application form" means the incomplete form for an authorization card on which no identifying program participant information has been entered.
(8) "Authorized personnel" means an employee of a county auditor's office, a county recording office, the Washington state department of health, or the office of the secretary of state who has been designated by the chief executive officer of the respective agency, to process and have access to voter application, voting records, marriage applications and records pertaining to program participants.
(9) "Bona fide statutory or administrative requirement" means that without possession of an individual's actual residential address the agency is incapable of fulfilling its statutory duties and obligations.
(10) "Certification" means that the secretary of state has determined that the eligible person meets the requirements for entering into or continuing in the program.
(11) "Change of identity" means that the program participant has changed the participant's name and Social Security number in an attempt to sever all connections to a previous name.
(12) "Criminal justice participant" means a criminal justice employee as defined in RCW 9A.46.020 who is a target for threats or harassment prohibited under RCW 9A.46.020 (2)(b)(iii) or (iv), and any family members residing with them.
(13) "Domestic violence" means an act as defined in RCW 10.99.020, including a threat of such acts, committed against an individual in a domestic situation, regardless of whether these acts of threats have been reported to law enforcement officers.
(14) "Mail" means first class letters and flats delivered via the United States Postal Service, including priority, express, certified, and registered mail, and excluding packages, parcels, periodicals, and catalogues, unless they are clearly identifiable as pharmaceuticals or clearly indicate they are sent by a government agency.
(15) "Mailing address" means the residential street address to which the secretary of state must forward a participant's mail, except in those cases where the United States Postal Service provides no delivery service to the residential address.
(16) "Minor child" means an individual who has not attained the age of eighteen, residing with or under the guardianship of an adult applicant or program participant.
(17) "Participant mail box (PMB)" means the specific identifier assigned by the secretary of state to a program participant for use in sorting mail and confirming program participation in accordance with subsection (10) of this section.
(18) "Program participant" means an individual accepted as certified for the program under RCW 40.24.030.
(19) "Protected records marriage" means a program participant who has applied for and qualified for protected marriage records, as provided under WAC 434-840-200 and 434-840-310.
(20) "Protected records voter" means a program participant who has applied and qualified for confidential voter registration, as provided under RCW 40.24.060, WAC 434-840-100, and 434-840-310.
(21) "Public record" means any paper, correspondence, completed form, bound record book, photograph, film, sound recording, map drawing, machine-readable material, compact disc meeting current industry ISO specifications, or other document, regardless of physical form or characteristics, and including such copies thereof, that have been made by or received by any state or local governmental agency of the state of Washington in connection with the transaction of public business, and legislative records as described in RCW 40.14.100.
(22) "Sexual assault" means an act as defined in RCW 70.125.030 and includes an attempt to commit such acts against an individual, regardless of whether these acts, attempts, or threats have been reported to law enforcement officers.
(23) "Stalking" means an act as defined in RCW 9A.46.110 and includes threats of such acts committed against an individual, regardless of whether these acts or threats have been reported to law enforcement officers.
(24) "Substitute address" means an address designated by the secretary, including the identification number that is used by a participant to receive mail, instead of providing their actual residence address.
(25) "Trafficking" means an act as defined in RCW 9A.40.100 or an act recognized as a severe form of trafficking under 22 U.S.C. Sec. 7102(8) as it existed on June 12, 2008, or such subsequent date as may be provided by the secretary of state by rule, consistent with the purposes of this subsection, regardless of whether the act has been reported to law enforcement.
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