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PDFWAC 130-16-040

Application processing.

(1) Upon receipt of any application for determination of industrial development facility eligibility, the department will initially review the application for satisfactory compliance with WAC 130-16-030(3) and 130-16-030(4).
(2) If the department determines that the descriptive information required by WAC 130-16-030(3), as provided in the application, is insufficient upon which to render a determination of eligibility, the public corporation will be so notified within five working days of receipt of the application. The notice so provided will address the department's concerns with the adequacy of the information provided, and will invite the public corporation to amend the descriptive information in its application, in writing. The public corporation may thereafter submit an amended application with new or supplemental descriptive information as appropriate, or it may notify the department in writing that no further descriptive information will be provided with the application.
(3) No application will be deemed complete, for purposes of determining the eligibility of an industrial development facility, until the public corporation has complied with WAC 130-16-030(3) to the satisfaction of the department or until the public corporation has notified the department in writing that no further descriptive information will be provided with the application. Failure to comply with WAC 130-16-030(4) will not preclude determination of eligibility, however, the public corporation will be advised that it has failed to comply with RCW 39.84.090(1) and WAC 130-16-030(4).
(4) Within twelve working days of the receipt of a completed application, the department will notify the public corporation if the industrial development facility described in the application is not eligible under the act. Such notice will specify the department's basis for determining ineligibility.
(5) Failure to be notified of ineligibility as herein provided will be deemed a determination of eligibility; the department may also notify the public corporation of eligibility.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 39.84.090. WSR 82-04-022 (Order 82-1), ยง 130-16-040, filed 1/26/82.]
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