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PDFWAC 308-93-520

Owner deceased.

(1) What titling options are available when a vessel owner is deceased?
(a) The vessel ownership may be released by a personal representative or beneficiary and transferred into the name of a new owner; or
(b) The surviving owner may transfer into their name if joint tenancy was indicated on the certificate of ownership; or
(c) The surviving owner, heir, or personal representative may transfer ownership into their name if proper documentation is provided as in subsection (4) of this section; or
(d) The vessel can be titled into the name of the estate of the deceased.
(2) How can a vessel be titled in the name of the estate of the deceased? The signature of a personal representative as described in RCW 11.02.005(1) is required to release interest for the deceased owner. The vessel may then be titled and registered in the name of the estate of the deceased pending final settlement of the estate. A certificate of county clerk or a copy of the court order appointing or confirming the personal representative must be attached to the application for certificate of ownership.
(3) How will the name of the estate be shown on the certificate of ownership? The name will be shown as "estate of (deceased name)."
(4) What documentation is required to remove the name of the deceased from the certificate of ownership or registration? In addition to any other documents or releases required by law or rule you will need:
(a) If the estate is administered:
(i) Letters of testamentary; or
(ii) Letter of administration; or
(iii) Certificate of county clerk.
(b) If there are joint tenants with rights of survivorship:
Copy of death certificate.
(c) If there is a community property agreement:
(i) Copy of the death certificate; and
(ii) A copy of the community property agreement.
(d) If the estate was not administered:
(i) Copy of the death certificate; and
(ii) Affidavit of inheritance; or
(iii) Affidavit of succession.
(5) If the vessel was last registered in another jurisdiction and the owner is deceased, what documents do I need when applying for a Washington certificate of ownership in my name? The requirements are the same as those provided in subsections (1) through (4) of this section. Equivalent documentation issued by the foreign jurisdiction may be acceptable.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 88.02.070 and 88.02.100. WSR 02-05-059, § 308-93-520, filed 2/15/02, effective 3/18/02; WSR 99-07-041, § 308-93-520, filed 3/15/99, effective 4/15/99. Statutory Authority: 1983 c 7 § 20 and 1983 2nd ex.s. c 3 § 46. WSR 83-23-076 (Order 736-DOL), § 308-93-520, filed 11/18/83.]
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