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PDFWAC 308-124E-115

Administration of funds held in trust—Property management.

These procedures are applicable to property management and contract/mortgage collection agreements, and are in addition to the general trust account procedures in WAC 308-124E-105.
(1) Trust bank accounts for property management transactions are exempt from the interest-bearing requirement of RCW 18.85.285. However, interest-bearing accounts for property management transactions may be established as described in this section.
(a) Interest-bearing trust bank accounts or dividend-earning investment accounts containing only funds held on behalf of an individual owner of income property managed by the firm may be established when directed by written property management agreement or directive signed by the owner: Provided, That all interest or earnings shall accrue to the owner;
(b) Interest-bearing trust bank accounts containing only damage or security deposits received from tenants of residential income properties managed by the firm for an individual owner may be established by the designated broker when directed by written management agreement, and the interest on such trust bank accounts may be paid to the owner, if the firm is by written agreement designated a "representative of the landlord" under the provisions of RCW 59.18.270, Residential Landlord-Tenant Act;
(c) The designated broker is not required to establish individual interest-bearing accounts for each owner when all owners assign the interest to the firm;
(d) A common account, usually referred to as a "clearing account" may be established if desired. This account must be a trust account.
(2) Any property management accounting system is to be an accounting of cash received and disbursed. Any other method of accounting offered to owners for their rental properties, unit and/or complexes are to be supplementary to the firms accounting of all cash received and disbursed through the firms trust account(s). All owners' summary statements must include this accounting.
(3) The preauthorization of disbursements or deductions by the financial institution for recurring expenses such as mortgage payments on behalf of the owner is not permitted if the account contains tenant security deposits or funds belonging to more than one client.
(4) A single check may be drawn on the real estate trust bank account, payable to the firm as licensed, in payment of all property management fees and commissions, if such check is supported by a schedule of commissions identified to each individual client. Property management commissions shall be withdrawn at least once monthly.
(5) No disbursements from the real estate trust bank account shall be made of funds received as damage or security deposit on a lease or rental contract for property managed by the firm to the owner or any other person without the written agreement of the tenant, until the end of the tenancy when the funds are to be disbursed to the person or persons entitled to the funds as provided by the terms of the rental or lease agreement.
(6) When the management agreement between the owner(s) and the firm is terminated, the owner(s) funds shall be disbursed according to the agreement. Funds held as damage or security deposits shall be disbursed to the owner(s) or successor property manager, and the tenants so notified by the disbursing firm consistent with the provisions of RCW 59.18.270, Residential Landlord-Tenant Act.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.85.040 and 18.85.041. WSR 10-06-078, § 308-124E-115, filed 3/1/10, effective 7/1/10.]
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