Chapter 260-36 WAC

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WAC Sections

260-36-010License required.
260-36-015Age requirement for license.
260-36-030Veterinarians—License required.
260-36-050Application for license.
260-36-055Vendors license required.
260-36-060Application for license—Stewards' review.
260-36-062Fitness to participate.
260-36-065Approval of application for license.
260-36-080Duration of a license.
260-36-085License and fingerprint fees.
260-36-110Display of license.
260-36-120Denial, suspension, and revocation—Grounds.
260-36-150Employing or harboring an unlicensed person.
260-36-180Authority to search.
260-36-200Application for owner's license by trainer or other licensee.
260-36-210Owner's license.
260-36-250Industrial insurance.
260-36-260Employees and duties.
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