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PDFWAC 1-06-086

Viewing appointments.

(1) No fee. No fee is charged for inspecting records at the agency's office.
(2) By appointment only. In-office inspections are by appointment only. In-office inspections must be scheduled in advance by contacting the agency as provided in WAC 1-06-140.
(3) Protection of public records. Access to records during viewing appointments is restricted to the viewing area designated by the agency. No document may be physically removed by a member of the public from the viewing area for any reason whatsoever; nor may any member of the public who is viewing documents disassemble, deface, or cause the disorganization of any record for any reason whatsoever. An agency staff member may observe any inspection to ensure that records are not disorganized, defaced, or otherwise harmed. Records furnished must be returned in the same file sequence or organization as when furnished. Boisterous or otherwise disruptive conduct during viewing appointments is not permitted.
(4) Identification of records reviewed. At the end of each viewing appointment, the requestor shall identify to agency staff those records reviewed during the appointment. If any records remain to be reviewed, another viewing appointment must be scheduled at that time. Reviewed records, or remaining records for which no further viewing appointment has been scheduled, are subject to disposition as provided under WAC 1-06-095.
(5) Obtaining copies at viewing appointments. At the end of each viewing appointment, the requestor shall identify to agency staff any records he or she would like copied. Agency staff will arrange to provide such copies in as timely a manner as possible in view of all circumstances, including the volume of copies requested, any pending copying requests, time of day, staff resources, and any other relevant considerations. Records identified for copying during viewing appointments are subject to prepayment of any copying or other costs in accordance with WAC 1-06-090.
(6) Failure to attend a scheduled viewing appointment. A requestor who fails to attend a scheduled viewing appointment must call the agency within ten business days to reschedule the missed appointment. Unless otherwise permitted by the agency, a viewing appointment may not be rescheduled more than two times. If a requestor fails to reschedule a missed viewing appointment within ten business days or has already rescheduled the appointment two times, the agency may consider the request closed and may dispose of any records or copies made available in accordance with WAC 1-06-095.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 42.56.040, 42.56.070, 42.56.100, 42.56.120, 42.56.520 and 2017 c 304. WSR 17-24-026, ยง 1-06-086, filed 11/28/17, effective 12/29/17.]
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