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Misstatements are punishable as perjuryPenalty.

Every written statement made pursuant to this chapter by an applicant for appointment or employment, or by any employee, shall be deemed to have been made under oath if it contains a declaration preceding the signature of the maker to the effect that it is made under the penalties of perjury. Any person who wilfully makes a material misstatement of fact (1) in any such written statement, or (2) in any affidavit made pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, or (3) under oath in any hearing conducted by any agency of the state, or of any of its political subdivisions pursuant to this chapter, or (4) in any written statement by an applicant for appointment or employment or by an employee in any state aid or private institution of learning in this state, intended to determine whether or not such applicant or employee is a subversive person as defined in this chapter, which statement contains notice that it is subject to the penalties of perjury, shall be subject to the penalties of perjury, as prescribed in chapter 9.41 RCW.
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