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Freight train crews.

*** CHANGE IN 2020 *** (SEE 1841.SL) ***
No law or order of any regulatory agency of this state shall prevent a common carrier by railroad from manning its freight trains in accordance with collective bargaining agreements or any national or other settlement of train crew size. The size of passenger train crews shall not be affected by *this act.
[ 1967 c 2 § 2 (Initiative Measure No. 233, approved November 8, 1966).]


*Reviser's note: This act [chapter 2, Laws of 1967], consisting of this section and the repeal of RCW 81.40.020, was Initiative Measure No. 233 adopted by the people November 8, 1966, and declared effective law by proclamation signed by the governor December 8, 1966.
Repeal of conflicting acts: "All acts or parts of acts in conflict with or in derogation of this act are hereby repealed insofar as the same are in conflict with, or in derogation of, this act or any part thereof." [ 1967 c 2 § 3 (Initiative Measure No. 233, approved November 8, 1966).]
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