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Vital recordsRulesRelease of copies. (Effective until January 1, 2021.)

No person may prepare or issue any vital record that purports to be an original, certified copy, or copy of a vital record except as authorized in this chapter.
The department shall adopt rules providing for the release of paper or electronic copies of vital records that include adequate standards for security and confidentiality, ensure the proper record is identified, and prevent fraudulent use of records. All certified copies of vital records in the state must be on paper and in a format provided and approved by the department and must include security features to deter the alteration, counterfeiting, duplication, or simulation without ready detection.
Federal, state, and local governmental agencies may, upon request and with submission of the appropriate fee, be furnished copies of vital records if the vital record will be used for the agencies' official duties. The department may enter into agreements with offices of vital statistics outside the state for the transmission of copies of vital records to those offices when the vital records relate to residents of those jurisdictions and receipt of copies of vital records from those offices. The agreement must specify the statistical and administrative purposes for which the vital records may be used and must provide instructions for the proper retention and disposition of the copies. Copies of vital records that are received by the department from other offices of vital statistics outside the state must be handled as provided under the agreements.
The department may disclose information that may identify any person named in any birth certificate [vital] record for research purposes as provided under chapter 42.48 RCW.
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