Chapter 70.275 RCW



70.275.030Product stewardship program.
70.275.040Submission of proposed product stewardship plansDepartment to establish rulesPublic reviewPlan updateAnnual report.
70.275.050Environmental handling chargeAnnual fee.
70.275.060Collection and management of mercury.
70.275.070Collectors of unwanted mercury-containing lightsDuties.
70.275.080Requirement to recycle end-of-life mercury-containing lights.
70.275.090Producers must participate in an approved product stewardship program.
70.275.100Written warningPenaltyAppeal.
70.275.110Department's web site to list producers participating in product stewardship planRequired participation in a product stewardship planWritten warningPenaltyRulesExemptions.
70.275.130Product stewardship programs accountRefund of fees.
70.275.140Adoption of rulesReport to the legislatureInvitation to entities to comment on issuesEstimate of statewide recycling rate for mercury-containing lightsMercury vapor barrier packaging.
70.275.150Application of chapter to the Washington utilities and transportation commission.
70.275.160Application of chapter to entities regulated under chapter 70.105 RCW.
70.275.170Immunity from antitrust liability.
70.275.900Chapter liberally construed.
70.275.901Severability2010 c 130.


Reviser's noteSunset Act application: The mercury-containing lights product stewardship program is subject to review, termination, and possible extension under chapter 43.131 RCW, the Sunset Act. See RCW 43.131.421. RCW 70.275.010 through 70.275.070 and 70.275.090 through 70.275.901 are scheduled for future repeal under RCW 43.131.422.