Chapter 7.90 RCW



7.90.005Legislative declaration.
7.90.020Petition for a sexual assault protection orderCreationContentsAdministration.
7.90.030PetitionWho may file.
7.90.040PetitionAdditional requirements.
7.90.050PetitionHearings prior to issuance of protection order.
7.90.052Service by publicationWhen authorized.
7.90.053Service by mailWhen authorized.
7.90.054Issuance of order following service by publication or mail.
7.90.055Fees not permittedFiling, service of process, certified copies.
7.90.060Sexual assault advocates.
7.90.070Appointment of counsel.
7.90.090Burden of proofIssuance of protection orderRemediesViolations.
7.90.100Accountability for conduct of others.
7.90.110Ex parte temporary sexual assault protection ordersIssuance.
7.90.120Ex parte ordersDuration.
7.90.121Renewal of ex parte order.
7.90.130Sexual assault protection ordersContents.
7.90.140Sexual assault protection ordersService to respondent.
7.90.150Court initiated issuance of sexual assault protection ordersTerms, conditions, requirements, etc.
7.90.155Sexual assault protection ordersPersonal jurisdictionNonresident individuals.
7.90.160Law enforcement agenciesEntry of protection order data.
7.90.170Modification or termination of protection orders.
7.90.180Administrative office of the courtsCourt clerksInstructional and informational material.
7.90.190Admissibility of ex parte temporary orders in civil actions.
7.90.900Short title2006 c 138.
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