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Required written disclosure materialContents.

The written disclosure material required in RCW 48.170.050(1) must:
(1) Summarize the material terms of insurance coverage offered to occupants, including the name, address, telephone number of the insurer, price, benefits, exclusions, and conditions;
(2) Prominently and conspicuously disclose that the policies offered by the self-service storage insurance producer may provide a duplication of coverage already provided by an occupant's homeowner's insurance policy, renter's insurance policy, vehicle insurance policy, watercraft insurance policy, or other source of property insurance coverage;
(3) State that if self-service storage insurance is required as a condition of rental, the requirement may be satisfied by the occupant purchasing the insurance being offered to the occupant by the owner or by presenting evidence of other applicable insurance coverage;
(4) Describe the process for filing a claim;
(5) State in writing all costs related to the insurance; and
(6) Disclose any other information required by rule by the commissioner.
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