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Powers of districts.

Park and recreation districts shall have such powers as are necessary to carry out the purpose for which they are created, including, but not being limited to, the power: (1) To acquire and hold real and personal property; (2) to dispose of real and personal property only by unanimous vote of the district commissioners; (3) to make contracts; (4) to sue and be sued; (5) to borrow money to the extent and in the manner authorized by this chapter; (6) to grant concessions; (7) to make or establish charges, fees, rates, rentals and the like for the use of facilities (including recreational facilities) or for participation; (8) to make and enforce rules and regulations governing the use of property, facilities or equipment and the conduct of persons thereon; (9) to contract with any municipal corporation, governmental, or private agencies for the conduct of park and recreation programs; (10) to operate jointly with other governmental units any facilities or property including participation in the acquisition; (11) to hold in trust or manage public property useful to the accomplishment of their objectives; (12) to establish cumulative reserve funds in the manner and for the purposes prescribed by law for cities; (13) to acquire, construct, reconstruct, maintain, repair, add to, and operate recreational facilities; and, (14) to make improvements or to acquire property by the local improvement method in the manner prescribed by this chapter: PROVIDED, That such improvement or acquisition is within the scope of the purposes granted to such park and recreation district.
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